Saturday, October 16, 2010

[SNSD] Arrival in Taiwan made fans go crazy

(Taiwan News) So Nyeo Shi Dae's (SNSD arrival had made most boys gone crazy, the airport was chaotic!
Initially, SNSD only had one show for the concert, but due to the overwhelming concert sales, they decided to add one more show. They will be performing in Taipei's stadium, their senior Super Junior's Donghae and Leeteuk are special guests.
9 beauties with beautiful legs went to rehearse upon reaching Taipei yesterday, more than 500 fans went into the arrival hall to fetch them, more than 70% were fanboys. When they saw their goddesses coming out of the gate, they went mad and shouted. In addition to the mass number of reporters who went up and took photos, the scene was in chaos and the security and fans and media were in physical conflict.
The organizers and the Korean company were very concerned about security, 8 bodyguards were surrounding the 9 girls all the way, and there was also 20 Taiwan bodyguards in addition. The security job was very serious, there are fans who tried to shake hands with them, but to no avail.
The scene was very crowded, there was a lot of pushing around when the reporters and Korean security were having confusion/conflicts. There were too many people watching them, they could only walk slowly to their arranged transportation (van/car). The fans were screaming too welcome them, and Yoona's name was heard frequently, it seems that she is most of the fanboys' popularity queen.

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