Thursday, October 21, 2010



Concert Tickets: $38
Fanmeeting Tickets: $168 (Concert + Fanmeeting Package & also exclusive privileges such as getting up close with Ukiss, autographed items etc!)
Vaunt 5 Tickets: $30

-Date: 19 November
-Venue: Bedok Reservoir
-Performing Artiste: U-Kiss (Kevin, Dongho, Eli, Alexander, KiSeop, KiBum, SooHyun!)

-Date: 19 November
-Venue: to be confirmed
-Time: In the day, exact timing to be confirmed.

Vaunt 5
-Date: 21 November
-Time: 9PM
-Venue: Zouk and Phuture
-Fashion Show + Clubbing
-Requirement(s): You must be age 16 and above.

To pre-order, send us an email ( in the following format:

Subject: Tickets Order

Number Of Tickets:
Contact number:

We will try to reply your email within 12 hours. After receiving your email, we will send you a confirmation mail and discuss with you about the payment mode. If you have any enquiries, feel free to email us, tweet us or write on our Facebook wall. BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop

Points to note:
-Fanmeeting tickets are not sold seperately
-Tickets will be distributed on the day of the event
-Once payment is made, it is not refundable

P/S. There are only 500 fanmeeting tickets, so order from us now! Those who bought tickets to the event on the 12th, Monsters VS villains, will get priority to buy these fanmeet tickets. If you did not buy the tickets for the Monsters VS Villains event, but are afraid that they will not be any tickets left, you must order and pay up ASAP to get the tickets.

Monday, October 18, 2010


Previously, we only gave you details on Vaunt 5 and the concert, and how to order the tickets from us. Today, we will be updating on something most of you would like to have - Privileges/Giveaway!

Here are the privileges:
1. Buy at least 5 tickets and we will give you a set of photocards of your favorite KPOP idols. The number of photocards in a set will be determined by the number of tickets you purchase. Example, if you buy 7 tickets, we will give you 7 photocards.

2. The top buyer (must purchase at least 5 tickets, if no one buys 5 tickets, but there is a person who bought 4 tickets, and also the most tickets among everyone else, he/she will not be considered as top buyer) will receive a T-shirt designed by us. If the top buyer purchases at least 10 tickets, he/she will receive his/her favorite KPOP idol's album, in addition to the T-shirt.

3. Refer us to your friends, relatives. When they are buying the tickets, remember to ask them to tell us who referred them. If AT LEAST 5 tickets are bought and those who bought the 5 tickets are referred by you, you will receive a set of 5 photocards. (You must also be buying the tickets from us to be eligible for this privilege.)

Sounds great, right?

Now you would be wondering how is it possible for a person to buy so many tickets. Here are some tips:

1. Tell your friends about it.
Tell your friends about these events, and persuade them in attending and buying tickets for these events. If they agree, offer to help them buy the tickets. In this way, you might have a chance to enjoy the privileges.

2. Promote!
Promote on your Facebook, twitter or any social networking sites telling about these events! If anybody asks you about this, you can offer to help them buy the tickets.

3. Refer this event to your friends
As said earlier, refer this event to your friends and relatives. If at least 5 tickets are bought by them, then you will get a set of 5 photocards.

*The privileges/giveaway above is for each single event.

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Sunday, October 17, 2010

[SJ] Super Junior’s Super Show 3 ticket prices released

It will be a music bonanza for fans featuring lots of song, dance, fancy pyrotechnics, and even some… flying
Super Junior(SM Entertainment)
Great news for all Super Junior fans. Tickets to their highly-anticipated Super Show 3 concert in Singapore 2011 will go on sale from Nov 20 onwards.
The popular Korean boyband first made a whirlwind half-a-day stopover in Singapore earlier this year for a music showcase. Fans who missed out on the golden opportunity to catch them in action fret not.
Pandemonium will strike again when these lads return for the second time to hold their first full-scale concert on Jan 29 in Singapore.
Fans who have been gearing up for their return with lightsticks and handmade banners will be delighted at the pocket-friendly price tags. Their Singapore gig will only consist of two price-tiers at $158 and $208 - unlike usual concert tickets which consists of four or more price tiers - with only 5,000 tickets available on sale.
According to concert organizer, Running Into The Sun, the boys' third Asia tour will closely follow what was done in Seoul with some stage sets specially flown-in from Korea to provide the same authentic experience for overseas fans.
It will also feature the biggest-ever stage at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, providing fans and concertgoers with "the same electrifying view from all angles".
Expect to see sprawling LED screens plastered all over the stage, a unique 360-degree two-tiered circular platform with underground passageways, hydraulic platforms, and aerial stunt ropes for the boys to fly right through the middle section.
Creative director of Running Into The Sun, Beatrice Chia-Richmond says, "This concert will follow closely to what was done in Seoul - those who have watched the concert there would know how its show production is almost comparable to watching a 3D movie - where there will be action from the boys from unimaginable places".
Public sale of tickets will be open from Nov 23 onwards. Tickets are available from all SISTIC outlets.
From Nov 20 to 22, exclusive priority sale will be given to SingTel mobile subscribers on a Samsung phone and OCBC cardmembers
(a) SingTel Mobile subscribers on a Samsung phone (1st 100 tickets purchased will enjoy a 10% discount)
(b) All OCBC Credit and Debit Cardmembers (1st 100 tickets purchased with OCBC Titanium or YES! Card will enjoy a 10% discount)
Super Junior The 3rd Asia Tour Singapore
Date: Jan 29, 2011
Price: $158 and $208
Time: 8pm
Venue: Singapore Indoor Stadium
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[jyj] Fatigue JYJ lacking smiles in Singapore

It was JYJ's first visit to Singapore, however a lot of media's questions were restricted.
JYJ ended their promotions in Bangkok and arrived straight to Singapore at around one plus, and having the press conference at 4.30PM. Being fatigued, they lack smiles and the original bubbly them seen in Korean shows. Furthermore, as their managers were being overprotective of them, block most of the media's question, which makes the scene even colder.
Originally members of DBSK,  they are having problems with SM entertainment contracts, and with their current agency, CJES Entertainment being stopped. JYJ's first album <The Beginning> was prohibited from selling even before it was in the market by SM entertainment.
An email was also sent to all media by the organizer that no question about SM entertainment, CJES entertainment, lawsuit and DBSK question was to be asked.
In the end, the five minute talk was only to let the MC ask the allowed questions, even though surprisingly the five question was open up to the media, after the first question,staff came out for the second time to ask media to question only about the new album and their life. The question that alarmed the staff was, "The changes from five to three" JYJ was stunned for 15 seconds, and answered that they hope to have better developments in their career, and they had become more ambitious in terms of their music.
After the press conference had ended, Yoochun apologized to the press when he encountered them in the corridor, seemingly apologizing for the questions being blocked by the staff.

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Saturday, October 16, 2010

[SNSD] Arrival in Taiwan made fans go crazy

(Taiwan News) So Nyeo Shi Dae's (SNSD arrival had made most boys gone crazy, the airport was chaotic!
Initially, SNSD only had one show for the concert, but due to the overwhelming concert sales, they decided to add one more show. They will be performing in Taipei's stadium, their senior Super Junior's Donghae and Leeteuk are special guests.
9 beauties with beautiful legs went to rehearse upon reaching Taipei yesterday, more than 500 fans went into the arrival hall to fetch them, more than 70% were fanboys. When they saw their goddesses coming out of the gate, they went mad and shouted. In addition to the mass number of reporters who went up and took photos, the scene was in chaos and the security and fans and media were in physical conflict.
The organizers and the Korean company were very concerned about security, 8 bodyguards were surrounding the 9 girls all the way, and there was also 20 Taiwan bodyguards in addition. The security job was very serious, there are fans who tried to shake hands with them, but to no avail.
The scene was very crowded, there was a lot of pushing around when the reporters and Korean security were having confusion/conflicts. There were too many people watching them, they could only walk slowly to their arranged transportation (van/car). The fans were screaming too welcome them, and Yoona's name was heard frequently, it seems that she is most of the fanboys' popularity queen.

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Friday, October 15, 2010

[AUDITION] Updates on JYP audition

They will be picking out successful candidates to train in Korea with JYP to form a new group.This audition will be open for all between the age of 9 years old to 26 years old. Participants can choose to act, sing or dance. The organisers are still working on the registration form. Participants have to prepare 3 to 5 songs and it's minus one in order of preference. Also prepare colour picture of yourself (face only). You will need to submit these together with the form as they need to prepare the logistics.

Source: Alpha Entertainment's Facebook Page
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Thursday, October 14, 2010


Always hold a dream of becoming an artiste in Korea ?
You may make your dream come true !
JYP will be holding audtions in Singapore from 2nd to 4th December in Singapore.
You could sing,dance or even act during the audition and may win a chance to be a trainee in JYP!

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

[EVENT] WIN a pair of tickets to Korean Pop Night 2010

xinmsn is giving out three pair of tickets to kpop night.

We have three pairs of tickets each worth S$118 each to be given away!
Korean Pop Night 2010(Proof Label)
K-Pop pandemonium is set to hit Singapore on Oct 23 with seven Korean acts lined-up for a one-night only concert. Groups performing include the ever-popular Girls' Generation (SNSD), Big Bang, F.T. Island, SHINee, INFINITE, Dae Guk Nam Ah (DGNA), and ZE:A.
Held at Singapore Expo Hall 2, tickets to this highly-anticipated event were snapped up within a matter of hours and the organizers have confirmed that no more tickets will be sold. Fans who have missed out on this exclusive opportunity, take note.
As an official media partner, xinmsn is giving away 3 pairs of Category D passes (each worth S$118) -- courtesy of Proof Label . Simply participate in the contest below and stand a chance to be one of the lucky winners!
There will be a total of seven questions released over the course of the next three days (Mon to Wed)
1) Take note of xinmsn's introduction of each of the groups
2) Identify the band member from the description provided
3) Collate all 7 answers and submit them via the official form provided starting from Wednesday onwards
Everyone stands an equal chance of walking away with a pair of concert tickets and three lucky winners will be picked via lucky draw. Contest closes on October 15 and winners will be notified via email.

For further queries, please visit Proof Label's official Facebook page for more information.

Korean Pop Night Concert 2010 - Singapore
Date: October 23, 2010
Venue: Singapore Expo Hall 2
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Monday, October 11, 2010

[jyj] omy giving out tickets to jyj concert

 omy will be giving out 3 pair of tickets to "JYJ The Beginning Showcase 2010” You would need to answer a simple questions and send your answer together with your name, email, number and ic to

Question: The three members of JYJ are?

[TWEETS] F.Cuz with Ken

A tweet + photograph from Ken's* Sina Weibo (Regarding F.CUZ)

Original Tweet:
(In Chinese)
Didn't expect that i still have to cook when I came to Korea~Yesterday I met them on the streets, today we had our meal together~Focuz**!

*Ken is the host of Taiwan's Channel V's Love JK Programme
**F.Cuz is pronounced as Focuz

Source: Ken's Sina Weibo
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Saturday, October 9, 2010

[BoA] Netizens criticize BoA for her appearance and hairstyle

BoA's drastic change in appearance was laughed at and criticized by netizens, saying that her plastic surgery was unsuccessful.

BoA went to Japan on Thursday night to attend a audio brand's promotional event, but Japanese netizens said that, BoA's appearance had a drastic change, and they even suspect that this is due to her unsuccessful plastic surgery.

Because BoA's golden hair was to fit her album appearance for Korea's promotional activities earlier, she had dyed it in April, but this new hairstyle was shown in Japan for the first time. However, her Japanese fans could not accept it, there is netizen who said that her white hair had made her look older; and another netizen who said that she had become another person, and even compared her with Morning Musume's Maki Goto, saying that both of them are examples of an unsuccessful plastic surgery.

Even some netizens who are BoA's fans posted "I actually supported BoA, but seeing her like this, I can't even stand it!"

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Friday, October 8, 2010

Thursday, October 7, 2010

[JYJ] WIN a pair of tickets to JYJ’s first showcase in S’pore!

xinmsn is giving away three pairs of Category B tickets - courtesy of QUEST ID.
Simply answer the following two questions and the three correct and best entries stand to win the prize!*
(*Terms and conditions apply)
Question 1: Name five cities that JYJ "The Beginning " Album Showcase World tour 2010 will be going to
Question 2: In 160 words, tell us why you deserve to win a pair of tickets to JYJ's first showcase in Singapore
Email your answer, together with your name, NRIC, contact number and (valid) residential address to with the title "JYJ "The Beginning" Showcase Tour tickets giveaway"
Contest closes on October 9 and winners will be notified via email.

Terms and Conditions
- The contest is open to Singapore residents only.
- Entries submitted after the deadline will not be entertained.
- reserves the right to pick the final winners. No correspondence will be entertained.
- Entry submission forms that are incomplete will be disqualified.
- Previous week's winners will not be qualified to win.
- You can submit unlimited entries, but each family is entitled to win only once. Same contact address will be considered as the same family.
- Any proof-of-entry printouts cannot be used as proof that has received your submission.
- reserves the rights to change the terms and conditions of the contest without prior notice.
- Winners will be informed via email/phone call from which details of prize collection will be stated.
- Prize not collected by the given date will be considered null and void.
- Prize is non-transferable and non-exchangeable for cash.
- By entering the contest, you agree to be informed of any future promotions related to
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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

[NEWS] SHINee/B2ST MAY be coming to Singapore as guest artistes for Vaunt5

Event: Vaunt 5
Where: Zouk
Ticket Price: $50 >
Things to note: As this is an underage event held by SMOOVE,
only people 16 and above are allowed entry for this event.
AND IT IS NOT CONFIRMED we are just gathering response.

Leave me an email, in this format:
SUBJECT: “Bring me SHINee/B2ST”

Please understand this is not confirmed and we are just testing 
the response from both Shawols / Beauties. The more response,
the higher the chances. So come’n let’s bring these idols to our
homeground once more!
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[NEWS] Walking through millitary services

To many Korean male artist, two years in army is a great obstacle to their career. Due to the high percentage of elimination in the entertainment world, and with viewers always looking for newer stuff, after two years their popularity may not be as high as it is before.

Thus, there is frequent news in Korea’s entertainment world that artistes are using all kinds of different techniques to dodge military services. Recently, there is a singer, MC Mong who is being accused of deliberately removing 12 tooth, reducing his tooth abilty, and thus exempted from military service.
The most breaking case was in 2004 where it includes a number of top male actors. Song Seung heon, Jang hyuk and Ham Jae suk was found by media that they used fake urine test to prove that they have kidney problems, hoping that they will be exempted from military service.
After the incident, they apologized to the public, and went to report for military services after receiving it.
Two years in military service will result in a big change to your acting career? It depends. Korea media had reported last week that there are a number of artiste that gained popularity after military services. For example Jo Insung who would be back from military services next year. He is still well-liked by many.
There are also male artist that became manlier after military services and thus widen their acting career. Wonbin ,So Jisub and Song Seung Heon are some examples.
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Monday, October 4, 2010

[EVENT] Mnet Ultimate Live Concert

Mnet Ultimate Live Concert

Performers: 2AM, 2PM, MBLAQ, miss A
Date: 4 December 2010
Venue: Fort Canning Park

Details: Mnet Ultimate Live Concert is part of the I ♥ Asia Pop! Festival in Singapore, brought by Idea Thread and Launch Entertainment.


Through SISTIC Website, Hotline & Authorised Agents
10% discount for Priority OCBC Credit Cardmembers (Limited Tickets Only).
[Discount applicable from 4 - 17 Oct 2010.]

Public booking starts on 18 October

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Sunday, October 3, 2010

[JYJ] "The Beginning Showcase" World Tour

JYJ "The Beginning Showcase" World Tour (Singapore Concert)

Ticket Prices: $248 (VIP), $168, $138, $98, $68
Date: 16 October 2010
Time: 8pm
Venue: Singapore Expo Hall 3

Fans can start prebooking tickets through from tomorrow (4 October) onwards.

World Tour/ Activities Details:
15 October - Thailand, Bangkok Concert
16 October - Singapore Concert
17 October - Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur Concert
Hongkong, Taiwan and Shanghai concerts
November - Album promotions in different cities of America

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