Tuesday, October 5, 2010

[NEWS] Walking through millitary services

To many Korean male artist, two years in army is a great obstacle to their career. Due to the high percentage of elimination in the entertainment world, and with viewers always looking for newer stuff, after two years their popularity may not be as high as it is before.

Thus, there is frequent news in Korea’s entertainment world that artistes are using all kinds of different techniques to dodge military services. Recently, there is a singer, MC Mong who is being accused of deliberately removing 12 tooth, reducing his tooth abilty, and thus exempted from military service.
The most breaking case was in 2004 where it includes a number of top male actors. Song Seung heon, Jang hyuk and Ham Jae suk was found by media that they used fake urine test to prove that they have kidney problems, hoping that they will be exempted from military service.
After the incident, they apologized to the public, and went to report for military services after receiving it.
Two years in military service will result in a big change to your acting career? It depends. Korea media had reported last week that there are a number of artiste that gained popularity after military services. For example Jo Insung who would be back from military services next year. He is still well-liked by many.
There are also male artist that became manlier after military services and thus widen their acting career. Wonbin ,So Jisub and Song Seung Heon are some examples.
Translation by: Admin L-kpopdreamSG

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