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KPOP Dream SG Fanclub Tee (For Sones) on Twitpic

KPOP Dream SG Fanclub Tee (ELFs) on Twitpic

To order, email the form below to

Subject: Tee Ordering

Twitter Username:
T-Shirt Design: (SJ/SNSD)

1. What is the price for each t-shirt?
- It is not confirmed yet. It will probably range from $13-$20. The more orders, the cheaper it gets.

2. What is the minimum orders you have to take?
- Around 30-35 orders.

3. Why are there only designs for two kpop groups, Super Junior and SNSD?
- They are currently the most popular groups in Singapore, and we would like to start t-shirt orders for fans of these two groups first. If the orders for these two groups are successful, I will open orders for other groups.(eg. SHINee, B2ST, 2PM) If you can't wait to have your KPOP Dream SG fanclub tee, but your bias is not sj or snsd, you can send an email to us and we will see what we can do.

4. When is the dateline for the order?
- 31 December 2010

Any enquiries, tweet us or email us.