Thursday, December 2, 2010

[DBSK/TVXQ] TVXQ to release new single in 2011

When it was announced by Avex that TVXQ was going to continue as a unit, there were mixed reactions. There were those who refused to believe that the group was still ‘TVXQ’ because there were only two members left. Many drew reassurance in seeing how the official image on the Avex website still displayed the original five.

Unfortunately, the reality isn’t so neat.

It was announced that TVXQ will be releasing their first single as a two-member unit on January 26th, 2011. While details regarding the title have yet to be released, what is known is that there will be two versions available.

The ‘First Press Limited Edition’ will include two title tracks, as well as two different versions of the songs. A DVD with the title track’s PV and ‘off shoot movie’ will also be included in the package. Only the first press album will have a different jacket, utilizing 1 of 6 random photos. This CD+DVD unit has been priced at ¥1,890 ($22.50 USD).

The ‘Normal Edition’ will include the two title tracks, a remix of the main track, and two different versions of the songs. As an added bonus, the ‘first press’ of this version will have an alternative jacket (1 of 6 photos) and a 12-page booklet. This version will only cost fans ¥1,050 ($12.50 USD).

Source: Tokyohive
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