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As part of our affliation with Super Junior Pearl Blue Singapore (PBSG), KPOP Dream SG is supporting this project and will be sending a flower stand to Super Junior for their SS3. However, we need funds to do this. We would like to seek your donations and hope that you will support us in getting a flower stand for SJ. It would be good if everyone of you could donate $2 or $5 (notes would be preferred). The minimum amount of donation is $2. The donation mode is by meet-up (for now). The extra funds will most probably be used to buy things for Super Junior or given to PBSG to fund the SG4SJ project. To donate, send us an email to

Subject: Donation

Twitter Username:
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Every single dollar of donation is very much appreciated! =]

Projects Supported By Us

Singapore For Super Junior (SG4SJ) - Super Show 3 Singapore is a collaboration between all fansites to provide fan support (both backstage and front end) to Super Junior and participating ELFs during their first Asia Tour concert in Singapore in 2011.

SG4SJ SS3 SG aims to bring together all ELFs in Singapore and from all over the world who are coming for SS3 SG to put forward the best impression for the boys. Singapore For Super Junior (SG4SJ) - Super Show 3 Singapore is a collaboration between all fansites to provide fan support (both backstage and front end) to Super Junior and participating ELFs during their first Asia Tour concert in Singapore in 2011.

Support Plans (1) [Back End Support]

Goodie Bags- For ground crew and SJ
- SG4SJ will be providing the entire crew with fast and light snacks packed in individual goodie bags for convenience and to accommodate their busy schedules

Gift Pack- For Super Junior

Flower Stands

- Bearing a congratulatory message to SJ for their first Show in Singapore
- To be delivered to concert venue on the concert day
Support Plans (2) [Fan Pack]

SG4SJ SS3 SG T-Shirt

SG4SJ SS3 SG Birthday Towel

Uploaded with
- Towel color: blue
- Designed specially for Super Show 3 Singapore 2011

SG4SJ SS3 SG Wristband- Wristband color: blue
- Text Design: Debossed
- Text: Super Show 3 Singapore 2011
- Material: Silicon
- Designed specially for Super Show 3 Singapore 2011

Official ELF Balloon

- Color: blue
- First generation design (since 2006 when ELF was officially formed)

Additional Giveaways2KYUHYUN Birthday Slogan: To be held during his solo segment as support for Kyuhyun's birthday.
Fanchant Booklet (TBC)
Priority for Blue Ring-torchlights (TBC)

To Purchase:- The fan pack is selling at SGD $28 each. Limited stocks available only!
- If you're interested in buying, please fill up the Order Form: HERE!
Support Plans (3) [Concert Support]

Fan Chants-Official fanchants from SME

Ring Torchlights
- Color: blue
- Dependent on amount of funds available
- Will be given out for free on the concert day at the concert venue
- Purchase of fan pack entitles you to the priority to receive the torches
- While stocks last ^^

"Ddok Ddok Ddok" Handsign
- Activity: do the "knocking" handsign for every chorus in conjunction to the lyrics "ddok ddok ddok"
- Aim: It would be fun if everyone could follow along and make SuJu laugh when they see that ^^

(Video not available as it has been removed by Youtube)


SG4SJ SS3 SG - Donation Drive

Calling all ELFs who are interested in lending a helping hand to SG4SJ SS3 SG support project!

The reason why we are starting the donation efforts at this early stage is to allow everyone ample time to chip in whatever amount they are willing to over time for the support projects.

Goal for SS3 SG

The SG4SJ SS3 SG team hopes to create a memorable experience for both Super Junior and ELFs with the above support plans. But in order for that to happen, we foresee that a substantial amount of funds would be required so as to execute them.

Even as little as S$1 would make a significant contribution and difference to the support plans. No matter the amount, the SG4SJ SS3 SG team will be grateful to all ELFs' participation! (((:

How to Contribute?

For easy accounting, the SG4SJ SS3 SG team has decided to set the minimum amount of donations at SGD $5.

Also, for ELFs' convenience, we have opened 3 different channels for contributions. Due to the team's conflicting schedules, we are currently not looking at mass meet-ups for cash collection. However, if time permits, we may organise one so as to reach out to more ELFs who wish to make their contributions to the project. (:

  • POSB Savings 405-11176-4
  • OCBC: 543-4-012836
  • UOB: 366-109-430-1

Do remember to drop us an email at with the following format after you have transfered your contribution. This is to allow us to thank you and to keep track of the status of the amount of donations collected. Thank you! (:

Rest assured that all contributors and donators to this project will be taken note of and included into our credits when we present the project to Super Junior during SS3 Singapore! No matter the amount donated, nobody will be left out. (:

So once again, we hope all ELFs would be willing to help SG4SJ SS3 SG to make this support project a success and a memorable one for Super Junior and ELFs.
Thank you! (:

Email Format:

Email subject: SS3 SG Donations

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Amount transfered:
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*Insert bank name here (POSB/OCBC/UOB)

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Adapted From Super Junior Pearl Blue Singapore Forum
KPOP Dream SG is one of the supporters for SG4SJ Project.

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