Monday, October 18, 2010


Previously, we only gave you details on Vaunt 5 and the concert, and how to order the tickets from us. Today, we will be updating on something most of you would like to have - Privileges/Giveaway!

Here are the privileges:
1. Buy at least 5 tickets and we will give you a set of photocards of your favorite KPOP idols. The number of photocards in a set will be determined by the number of tickets you purchase. Example, if you buy 7 tickets, we will give you 7 photocards.

2. The top buyer (must purchase at least 5 tickets, if no one buys 5 tickets, but there is a person who bought 4 tickets, and also the most tickets among everyone else, he/she will not be considered as top buyer) will receive a T-shirt designed by us. If the top buyer purchases at least 10 tickets, he/she will receive his/her favorite KPOP idol's album, in addition to the T-shirt.

3. Refer us to your friends, relatives. When they are buying the tickets, remember to ask them to tell us who referred them. If AT LEAST 5 tickets are bought and those who bought the 5 tickets are referred by you, you will receive a set of 5 photocards. (You must also be buying the tickets from us to be eligible for this privilege.)

Sounds great, right?

Now you would be wondering how is it possible for a person to buy so many tickets. Here are some tips:

1. Tell your friends about it.
Tell your friends about these events, and persuade them in attending and buying tickets for these events. If they agree, offer to help them buy the tickets. In this way, you might have a chance to enjoy the privileges.

2. Promote!
Promote on your Facebook, twitter or any social networking sites telling about these events! If anybody asks you about this, you can offer to help them buy the tickets.

3. Refer this event to your friends
As said earlier, refer this event to your friends and relatives. If at least 5 tickets are bought by them, then you will get a set of 5 photocards.

*The privileges/giveaway above is for each single event.

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