Saturday, October 9, 2010

[BoA] Netizens criticize BoA for her appearance and hairstyle

BoA's drastic change in appearance was laughed at and criticized by netizens, saying that her plastic surgery was unsuccessful.

BoA went to Japan on Thursday night to attend a audio brand's promotional event, but Japanese netizens said that, BoA's appearance had a drastic change, and they even suspect that this is due to her unsuccessful plastic surgery.

Because BoA's golden hair was to fit her album appearance for Korea's promotional activities earlier, she had dyed it in April, but this new hairstyle was shown in Japan for the first time. However, her Japanese fans could not accept it, there is netizen who said that her white hair had made her look older; and another netizen who said that she had become another person, and even compared her with Morning Musume's Maki Goto, saying that both of them are examples of an unsuccessful plastic surgery.

Even some netizens who are BoA's fans posted "I actually supported BoA, but seeing her like this, I can't even stand it!"

Translation: Admin Y - kpopdreamSG

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