Sunday, October 17, 2010

[jyj] Fatigue JYJ lacking smiles in Singapore

It was JYJ's first visit to Singapore, however a lot of media's questions were restricted.
JYJ ended their promotions in Bangkok and arrived straight to Singapore at around one plus, and having the press conference at 4.30PM. Being fatigued, they lack smiles and the original bubbly them seen in Korean shows. Furthermore, as their managers were being overprotective of them, block most of the media's question, which makes the scene even colder.
Originally members of DBSK,  they are having problems with SM entertainment contracts, and with their current agency, CJES Entertainment being stopped. JYJ's first album <The Beginning> was prohibited from selling even before it was in the market by SM entertainment.
An email was also sent to all media by the organizer that no question about SM entertainment, CJES entertainment, lawsuit and DBSK question was to be asked.
In the end, the five minute talk was only to let the MC ask the allowed questions, even though surprisingly the five question was open up to the media, after the first question,staff came out for the second time to ask media to question only about the new album and their life. The question that alarmed the staff was, "The changes from five to three" JYJ was stunned for 15 seconds, and answered that they hope to have better developments in their career, and they had become more ambitious in terms of their music.
After the press conference had ended, Yoochun apologized to the press when he encountered them in the corridor, seemingly apologizing for the questions being blocked by the staff.

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