Wednesday, November 17, 2010

[SHINee] SHINee to add on another show for their Japan concert

Korean idol group SHINee will be having their first Japan concert on 26 December. Initially, there was only one show for the concert. Due to the overwhelming response by fans, SHINee's company decided to add another show at the last minute.

SHINee's 1st Japanese concert will be held on 26 December at Japan's Yoyogi National Gymnasium. The organizers prepared 12000 tickets, but there were all unexpectedly sold out on 21 October, and there are still a majority of fans who weren't able to buy the tickets.

SHINee's company representative said that to accommodate to the fans' requests, they decided to add another show on SHINee's performance plan. The shows will be on 26 December 1pm and 6pm respectively.

SHINee has not officially debut in Japan, yet they received a total of 24000 ticket sales, which amazed Japanese music artistes. SHINee expressed their thanks towards Japanese fans during the interview, and also said that they will repay them with their best performance.

Source: Mydaily
Translation: Sohu, kpopdreamSG
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