Monday, November 15, 2010

[JYJ] Concert tour in America changed and held as free showcase

According to the Korea media, JYJ which is formed by Kim Jaejoong, Kim Junsu, and Park Yoochun will begin the concert tour in big cities in America. But before the 12 November New York concert starts, JYJ's management company announced that JYJ's America concert will be totally changed and held as free showcase.

Besides 12 November's New York concert, JYJ's America Concert tour ( that includes Las Vegas show on the 11th and Los Angelos Show on the 19th) will be changed from the usual paid concert to free showcase. JYJ's management company said that the reason the concert was cancelled at the last minute was because the public performance permit that JYJ members applied for was rejected, so they could only changed it to the form of a showase.

Although JYJ's management company explained that the action was due to JYJ members' public performance permit was rejected, but the general guess by the public was the management company lack preparation or the ticket sales was lower than predicted. An artiste said that when having a concert tour overseas, a relevant permit must be applied firstly, it is impossible to confirm that the permit is rejected just one day before the concert. If JYJ's concert is really unable to held due to the permit, that only means that the basic preparations for the concert haven't been done.

Regarding JYJ's management company's action (changing their concert to a free showcase), this person from the entertainment industry said that, although it cannot be confirmed now what kind of permit the JYJ members have in America, but if they really can't get the public performance permit, any kinds of performance are illegal.

Source: Mydaily
Translation: Sohu, kpopdreamsg
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