Sunday, November 7, 2010

[SHINee] SHINee Taiwan Fanmeeting

SHINee held a fanmeeting on 7November at night at Taipei International Convention Centre. They had indeed come fully prepared, leader Onew sang Jay Chou's song "Silence" in Chinese, causing the atmosphere to be at its highest. The idol merchandise was fully sold out at the venue, and the total earnings was over 200 million, while the ticket sales was about 700 million.

The fanmeeting started with a fast song "Ring Ding Dong", and due to his leg injury, jonghyun sat on a chair while the other 4 members sang and danced. With the flashing laser lights, over 3 thousand fans sang in unison. After that was their debut song "Noona you are very pretty", causing exultation in the audience.

Previously in the preview, Chinese songs were shown to the fan., Jong Hyun sang a cover version of "Baby Baby" from David Tao's "10 minutes in the airport" to create the atmosphere, and Onew unexpectedly sang Jay Chou's golden song, which was amazing.

They also specially prepared gifts to hand it to their fans personally. Whether it's a rubik's cube that Onew kissed before, a t-shirt that Key wore before, Tae Min's leather coat, Jong Hyun's military hat, Min Ho's scarf, fans were excited by the gifts they picked in the lucky draw.

SHINee sang their newest song "Hello" during the encore, 4000 lake green balloons that represent SHINee support group dropped from the sky and marked an end to their fanmeeting. SHINee will be attending "One Million Star" recording today, and leaving Taipei this afternoon.

Source: SHINee's Baidu Bar
Translation: Admin Y - kpopdreamSG
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