Monday, November 8, 2010

[SHINee] SHINee receives a special award in Taiwan

According to the Korea media, Korean idol group SHINee's 1st Taiwan fanmeeting was successfully held on 7 November at 7pm, about 3500 Taiwan fans attended this fanmeeting, there were no empty seats at the scene.
SHINee's had shown their popularity during the preorder sales of tickets for Taiwan's fanmeeting. All tickets were sold out in 15 minutes, and yesterday's fanmeeting had attracted Taiwan's various media to go and interview them, causing people to feel SHINee's popularity in Taiwan. At the fanmeeting, SHINee sang "Lucifer" and some other hit songs for their Taiwan fans. They also exchange gifts, play games, chat and did other activities with their fans.
SHINee's Lucifer had previously top various major Taiwan music charts, and they even received a special trophy on their press conference on 5 November. SHINee members also showed their thanks to all Taiwan fans who supported them, and said that they will also further develop their activities in Taiwan.

Source: Mydaily
Translation: Sohu China, kpopdreamSG
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