Sunday, September 26, 2010

[G.NA] News regarding G.NA + Singapore Autograph Session Tickets Giveaway

Known to have beautiful vocals like Christina Aguilera, Korea's new superstar is going to visit Singapore on 29 September! On that day, she will sing songs from her mini album "Draw G's First Breath", and 'conquer' her fans with her powerful voice.

This new female artiste had become a topic just 3 weeks after her debut. Having Rain and Beast's accompany from the start, she became a popular new artiste quickly. Having great abilities , G.NA could sing and dance, which is no wonder why her songs could quickly be on Korea's various music charts. But G.NA previously met with a huge obstacle, which she was almost unable to become a singer.

Once a member of "Five Girls" group (other members include Wonder Girls' Yoobin, After School's UEE and some others), due to the company's financial problems, they were forced to disband even before they debuted. Although G.NA didn't switch to another company so that she could debut, but she was finally signed by Cube Entertainment, becoming 4 Minute and BEAST's Junior.

Receiving Rain's support once she debut, she had a duet with Rain in "What I want to do once I have a lover", G.NA also received Rain's blessings and praised her saying that she is a friend who is very talented, he asked the fans to support her.

G.NA's mini album has been published locally, if you want to see G.NA's power , remember to go to Bugis Junction on 29 September to support her! To get her autograph, fans have to bring her album there. (Showing of receipt is required.)

OMY is giving away G.NA Autograph Session Pass

G.NA, a new singer fom Korea is going to show her power on Singapore's autograph session, and OMY is going to give you VIP pass, allowing you to bring her CD to the autograph session to support her! Just answer a simple question, and send in your personal particulars (name, email address, contact number, IC number) to and that's all!

Question:What is the title of G.NA's first mini album?
Dateline: 28 September 3pm

"Draw G's First Breath"
G.NA Autograph Session

Date: 29 September (Wednesday)
Time: 7pm
Venue: Bugis Junction, Bugis Square

Translation: Admin Y - kpopdreamSG

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